International expansion and investment in your business

In the words of Richard Simons, Senior Partner at Richard Anthony: “No business goes global on its own.”

While successful international expansion depends significantly on the growth potential of a business and the dedication of its people, what we mean by this is that, behind a global business sits a network of support for navigating the complex financial and legal landscapes of multi-jurisdictional business operations.

Richard summarised their views on the subject with: “When supporting business owners with international expansion, we always look at whether they are financially ready, the support they will need and ways that we can support with funding and operational efficiency.”

Understanding the local landscape

International expansion is typically part of a wider growth strategy for business clients, which requires significant planning to achieve.

This is where business advisory comes into its own, as a business must take a holistic view of the requirements it needs to meet before it can successfully operate on an international scale, including:

“Until a business has fully considered all of these issues and put the right protections in place, then expanding internationally will remain a goal, rather than an achievement,” said Richard.

“As accountants, the financial considerations of expansion into a global market are our primary concern.”

“We know that cost is a major dictator of whether a business is ready and able to expand internationally – including the cost of registration and incorporation, recruitment, infrastructure and communications and logistical costs of delivering goods or services.”

Is expansion right for you?

“The other role that your advisory team can play is helping you to understand the goals that motivate your desire to expand internationally.”

This includes identifying:

“Whether this be tapping into a new market or competing with an established local competitor, it is important to understand this driving force, as it could open the door to new opportunities at home and abroad.”

In our experience, working with a client’s management team in a business advisory capacity often helps us to identify additional points of expansion, and not just overseas.

For example, if a client wants to tap into a new market, this may provide an insight into additional markets available to them in the UK.

“Ultimately,” said Richard, “expansion on an international scale is about bringing your unique offering to a new market and achieving growth goals through this. It forms a unique connection between your business and like-minded people across the globe whose needs you are addressing in a way that no other business can.”

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