Charity News

May 2019 Charity News



  • Risk registers, is yours working for you?
  • Defending your reserves policy
  • Does Wales need its own regulator?
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Links with non-charities
  • Brexit related issues
  • Free updated GDPR guidance
  • More charities experiencing cyber breaches
  • UK’s first charity digital code of practice
February 2019 Charity News



  • How much do the public trust charities?
  • Joint registration portal shelved
  • Fraud
  • Automatic disqualification rules
  • Britain’s Secret Charity Cheats
  • Charity annual return
  • Developing your board – trustee recruitment and diversity
  • SORP Update Bulletin 2
  • Standard of accounts – CCEW monitoring review
May 2018 Charity News



  • Safeguarding the vulnerable
  • Who can run a charity
  • Taken on Trust
  • New fundraising
  • Bank account guidance
  • Publicising that you are a charity
  • SORP and accounting
  • Free guide to help charities avoid cybercrime
  • CCNI registration list has been re-named
  • Annual reporting

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