HMRC Investigations

Filing your tax return could potentially lead to an enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). It might involve a tax matter or relate to a specific item of expenditure or broader concerns relating to PAYE, national insurance or a worker’s employment status.

You may find that you have been chosen at random, as part of HMRC’s routine procedures.

Also, an enquiry may arise when HMRC cross-check data that you have already provided.  If you are the subject of a full HMRC enquiry, you will be required to answer more extensive questions and provide business records, which in a worst case scenario could lead to a tax investigation.

Resolving a dispute with HMRC is not only time-consuming but can disrupt your business and cause a great deal of personal stress and worry.

Abdul Kadir

Abdul Kadir

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At Richard Anthony, we are here to support you. Our motto is that ‘prevention is better than cure’, which is why we work with our clients to ensure that their Accounts are in good shape and their tax affairs are compliant so that they do not attract the attention of the taxman.

However, if you find that you are the subject of a HMRC enquiry or investigation, talk to us. We will be support you and work to mitigate any penalties.

We encourage our clients to consider our Fee Protection Service which covers fees payable in the event of certain enquiries raised by HMRC, as well as access to specialist advice from the Insurers.

For more information on how we can help support your business in the event of a HMRC enquiry or investigation, please contact us.

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