The economy or climate change – what are companies focused on?

According to a recent survey of FTSE 350 companies, British directors and heads of businesses are not only optimistic about the UK economy and its recovery, but they are also much more focused on climate change than before.

Additionally, after the drastic impact covid had on society, many board members are understanding the importance of employee culture – says the report, which is in association with the Financial Times.

The survey looked at the business environment, working environment and key corporate governance issues such as board diversity, regulation, risk and compliance.

Want to know the key findings of this report? Read on!

Economic viewpoint

Global economy:

UK economy:

The respondents’ viewpoint in their specific industry’s economic conditions:

Climate change

28 per cent of respondents that consider that their overall risk is increasing chose climate change as the major risk factor.

This survey reveals that the climate crisis worry is ahead of cyber risk (23 per cent), risks linked to the pandemic (17 per cent), global economic risks (14 per cent), geopolitical tension (11 per cent), growing trade protectionism (three per cent) and AI (three per cent).

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