Liz Truss states that landlords have been treated unfairly

Our new prime minister, Liz Truss, has publicly stated that she believes landlords were unjustly treated by previous governments and hinted towards major change. The NRLA chief executive, Ben Beadle, spoke with Truss in which she claimed that she wished to see landlords continuing to invest rather than selling their properties and leaving the sector.

After he met with Truss, Beadle called for an overhaul of the housing policy, stating “The last administration has been hell-bent on shrinking the sector, bashing landlords and looking at landlords as cash cows.”

Beadle called on the new government to review section 24 mortgage interest changes, revise Stamp Duty, build more social housing, remove the freeze on the local housing allowance and review the way landlords are treated in regards to Universal Credit.

His remarks came days after the release of the new ‘Decent Homes Standard’ document, which imposes a minimum standard on homes in the private rented sector. The main concern for landlords is the ‘reasonable degree of thermal comfort’ reference, which could potentially be tied into the projected rise in minimum EPC ratings from E to C, which will be near impossible for some homes in the country.

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